Google Checkout

We are pleased to announce that we have launched an additional form of payment for buyers, namely Google Checkout. Google Checkout can be used to pay both for priority listing fees, as well as for depositing funds into project accounts (Escrow) to pay for work that has been done.

Google Checkout is a new way of making payments online and is a fast and secure service by Google – to find out more please visit

We are hoping that this will make life even easier for PPH buyers by providing more payment options and adding to the 2 existing payment methods (Credit Card and PayPal).

Commission Projects

Lately, we have been seeing more and more buyers posting ‘commission’ projects on PPH (typically sales-related projects). While this is great, our 2 existing project types (‘fixed’ and ‘hourly’) did not cater very well for these types of projects so we have launched a 3rd project type of ‘commission’ to address this.

Commission projects work in a similar way to other project types, but provide buyers with tailored options of specifying how they would like to pay (% of sale amount, fee per sale/lead etc).

Since most of the commission projects are sales-related, we have found that buyers typically wish to speak to providers before appointing them; also, from the provider’s side, we have found that providers are more willing to bid for commission projects if they had more reassurance that the project is a viable, genuine opportunity. For these reasons, commission projects are currently available as Priority Listings only, ensuring that buyers can communicate with the providers directly before accepting a bid and at the same time providing the necessary assurance to providers.