Take a glance at the year 2020 through ‘Freelancing: The Future of Work’

October 22, 2009

Would you be interested in looking ahead to the year 2020 and finding out what the business world would look like? If you are, then visit the webcast ‘Freelancing: The Future of Work’ on Monday the 23rd of November. It is hosted by the PCG (the representative body for freelancers, contractors and consultants in the UK) to mark National Freelancers Day, and is free of charge.

Guest speakers include a select group of experts who will put together their views and explain why they believe that we are about to witness one of the biggest societal and working shifts since the industrial revolution. Just visit http://www.nationalfreelancersday.org.uk and register for the event. Moreover, if you decide to watch the webcast, you will also see a video of the CEO of PeoplePerHour.com, Xenios Thrasyvoulou, who is also participating.

So forget about desperately trying to foresee and analyze the future trends in business because they are now fact. So just start implementing them. The future is already here, staring at you in the face through your laptop and through the comfort of your living room armchair.

With an estimated 4.5 million freelancers currently in the UK, the concept of freelancing shouldn’t really be one needing any explaining. And as to why freelancing has evolved so rapidly, well I would say it doesn’t really take a genius to figure it out. At a time and place where everyone is sacrificing their life for their job, it came as a sudden burst of light at the end of that endless tunnel we refer to as ‘career’, that lo and behold, there is another route. Why work long continuous hours in a cold office, just sheepishly watching the minute hand tick by for no obvious reason when you can just be managing your time and work from the comfort of your own home?

And as for the business side, it only took yet another painful and quite embarrassing fall for businesses to realize that ‘yes, things can go wrong’. But we burn and we learn. We learn that we can never be too efficient in our business. We learn that cutting back on unnecessary costs is not just good practice. It’s also necessary. Why hire unnecessary full-time staff instead of only paying for what your business needs? Why not move to a smaller office and save so much energy and cost? Or better yet, why not work entirely from home and just buy the freelance services you need when you need and from your own living room?

And who ever said we couldn’t change the world? Thanks to the technology we now have access to, everything is possible. We can now move towards a greener, more efficient and more sociable world. It’s not just about business. It’s about society.

So if you are keen on being part of this change, visit ‘Freelancing: The Future of Work’, and learn all about it from the experts. Futurologists, technology leaders and analysts will all be there to share their thought about the freelance work model and what its results will be. So don’t miss it.

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