UK providers scoop up most of the work

November 24, 2008

One concern we’ve had raised a few times by our Providers, and once celebrated in a recent article in the Guardian, is that UK freelancers are being undercut by cheaper bids from providers in places like India and other emerging economies who work for a much cheaper rate.

Whilst this may be true at large in terms of bidding activity, it seems that still the vast majority of projects on is being awarded to UK providers, by a long way in fact.

The top countries in terms of % of work awarded on our site are shown below

–    UK – 85%
–    India – 5%
–    France – 1.2%
–    China – 1.1%
–    Spain – 1.1%
–    South Africa – 0.9%

So it seems that, despite the credit crunch, cheaper doesn’t always win – in fact it seldom does.

For the incredulous, another way to validate this is to take a quick look at the Find Providers page on the site. The top 15 or so ranked providers are all UK based, and the vast majority of the top 50 high earners in fact are UK based.

Now, this does not mean that foreign Providers are of inferior quality. Often its is the case the UK companies prefer to use local talent as they find them more trusted. Or it could be a nationalistic thing. What we have noticed however as the market-maker is that UK providers do tend to submit better thought out bids on average, more meticulous and planned. The ones outside the UK, either due to language barrier or for other reasons, seem to be shorter and less detailed in their bidding

So for those who have concerns about being out-bid by cheaper service providers, the answer is: you shouldn’t be. The devil (or in the case the blessing as it were) is in the detail. Cheap bid does not by default equate to an awarded project. So hang in there, stick to your guns, and demonstrate that you are a quality bidder by building on the detail – and you will carry on winning.

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