Networking feature – the move to collaborative work

May 29, 2008

Today we announced the release of our Network module (Beta) which some of you have already started using (see Press Release) We’d like to share with you the main features of this application and what it allows you to do

What does my Network allow me to do ?

In summary, it allows you to:

  • Connect with other freelancers and build a professional network
  • You will soon be able to refer work to people in that network and be referred work that’s applicable to you
  • Build your credibility by getting recommendations from people you’ve worked with
  • Form discussion groups and meet / discuss other professionals who share similar interests and work practices
  • Form teams with people in your professional network and co-bid on projects with them.
  • Invite your colleagues who are not on the site to join your network and teams

Why co-bid for work?

Co-bidding allows you to collaborate on work with others in your team. You can still bid for work as an individual, but in essence this new feature will allow you to team up with other professionals who complement your skills and make a more compelling pitch to the Buyer. This is especially so for more complex projects where a multitude of skills is often required

Co-bidding will also mean you can win business more easily when your online rating is perhaps not as strong. By teaming up with people who have a longer history and rating on the site you will bypass the initial deadlock situation faced by many

The significance of these changes

We at believe that the introduction of the Network module marks a significant milestone in our development.

We are building on our principle vision of allowing matching of project work online, and extending that to a networked world where bidding and execution become multi-dimensional. We are moving from an individualistic platform to a collaborative one, which closer resembles the workspace as we traditionally know it where teamwork is key to innovation and efficient execution. We are moving from a platform where our providers compete with each other to one where they can collaborate with each other, extend their knowledge and skills, build their professional profiles and win more work. And if nothing else, you’ll meet some people and have fun in the process.

Why should I use it?

This technology and all the benefits itemized above can only realize it’s true potential if you use it. You can start today by connecting with freelancers on the site and inviting your colleagues to join.

Our platform is all about trust. Buyers can see your network as well so a larger network will show a more active provider and someone who can be trusted easier.

Lastly, this application has been released in Beta so please do inform us of any issues you encounter in using it or if you have any suggestions for improvement

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