Amendments to Listings Options

March 27, 2008

As of today we have upgraded our Listing Options with a view to addressing some of the issues & preferences pointed out by Buyers. The Standard Listing remains FREE and carries restrictions on exchange of contact details as before. There are some extra restrictions placed on how many Providers a Buyer can invite to bid with this option. However we have added an option for Buyers to purchase contact details of Bidders if they wish to get in touch directly once they have placed a Bid.

The Priority Listing option has been amended to allow Buyers to publish their contact details also, in cases where they want providers to get in touch. Again these will only be accessible to Bidders once they have placed a Bid, allowing them to get in touch directly to discuss the project. Priority Listings carry infinite permissions to Bid Invites and all bids include the contacts of Providers. The price has been increased to £9.95 to reflect the extra privileges provided.

The chart below shows the differences between the two options in more detail.

Listing options

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