Outsourcing comes to SMEs

February 25, 2008

I’ve recently been interviewed by Tiscali who were doing a survey on how Outsourcing is reaching the smaller enterprises. Naturally they selected PeoplePerHour.com as a very relevant source on the topic, seeing as we are a platform that enables SME’s to outsource projects to skilled professionals.

So what are the benefits? Traditionally the notion of outsourcing is associated with large corporations farming out large volumes of labour-intensive work to a different continent and where the main, if not only, benefit of doing so is to save cost. Small business neither had the critical mass or the means to exploit those benefits and thus always operated ina more local environment. But of course the internet is changing all that.

In the interview I argue that a platform like PeoplePerHour.com, using the web as a facilitating channel, is now changing what outsourcing means and what it brings to businesses, especially to the all-important and often over-looked small business which is now the backbone of the UK economy.

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