New Accounts system

December 20, 2007

We just launched our new back-end billing system. Key improvements / differences with the old one are the following

  1. Buyers now have a different Escrow per project. What this means is that Buyers will deposit funds separately per project, so that if they have a number of projects on the go, the Provider for each one will be protected.
  2. We have also created an general Escrow account of “Unassigned” funds. This allows Buyers to assign funds to Escrow from a central pool
  3. We have added a “Request Withdrawal” button that allows the Buyer to pull out funds that have not / will not be used
  4. we have created new “Balance” screens detailing the exact flow of money and the balance per Escrow account

The multi-escrow system takes our back-end a step further in enabling buyers and Providers to safely pay and receive payment for a multiple projects each of which has iots own protection (as opposed to having all the sums coming out of the same pot)

We hope you find this useful ! Do let us know of comments / questions you may have

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