Speacial Feature on UK’s Small Businesses

December 10, 2007

Data released by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (formerly known as the DTI) in 2006 has revealed some interesting statistics on Small Businesses.

From a total of 4.5 million enterprises in the beginning of 2006, a massive 99.3% were “small” (0-49 employees). Small businesses employed almost 7m people (28% of total workforce in employment) and accounted for 35% of total enterprise turnover.

These figures are staggering and reveal the importance of the Small Business sector to the UK economy. Equally staggering is the date on new start-ups per annum: upward of 400,000!

As a company catering for Small Businesses and start-ups, Peopleperhour.com has decided to strengthen that message by creating a “Special Feature” on Small Businesses using case studies from our site.

The feature will demonstrate what services these small business are requiring and how our site is helping them get them – affordably, quickly and easily.

If you are a Small Businesses registered with us and would like to be included in this feature and gain from the exposure and publicity it will gain, please send us your details on info@peopleperhour.com

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