Improve your Score – win more business

November 26, 2007

Since we uploaded the new ranking system for Providers late last week, we have had a few people send us questions as to how it works. 

To clarify: your Score is different to your Rating. In fact it is derived by multiplying the Rating you get for each project with the Value of that project, and adding that up for all projects you win through the site. 

In other words: 

Score = Sum (Invoice Amount x Overall Feedback Rating) 

What this means is that  

a)    the more work you bill through the site the higher your score becomes

b)    the higher the rating you get for each project the higher your score becomes  

And of course, as you will have noted, profiles are ranked according to highest scores for each category and also search results. So the higher your score the more chances you have to win business in the future.

We therefore urge you to use the above to your advantage. If you choose not to bill work through the site, you will lose out on improving your Score. 

Lastly, a few providers have raised the question as to whether work they have done in the early days (prior to our billing system going live) will be included in the Earnings. The answer is yes. We are updating everyone’s earnings to reflect their opening balances.  

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