New rating & ranking system

November 23, 2007

We have enhanced our feedback scoring system so that now each provider is rated separately on 4 key dimensions  

       Work Quality

each one receiving a Rating of 1-5, with 5 being the highest. This produces an average Rating that’s displayed in the summary Profile, but Buyers can now view how each provider is rated across the 4 dimensions so therefore the Rating is a lot more meaningful.  

The other key metric there is “Earnings” which shows how much each Provider has earned from the site. This gives Buyers a sense of credibility and track record.

The two metrics above – Rating & Earnings – are blended into an overall “Score” for each provider that forms the basis of the ranking i.e. those with the highest score rank top of the list and the search results.  

We hope that the above will help you build a higher score and therefore win more business.  

Please do give us feedback on this as we are always striving to improve the marketplace. Your comments will be heard!


One Response to “New rating & ranking system”

  1. Adrienne Roe Says:

    Sounds great, but where there are a lot of providers for one kind of work and therefore lots of competition for few projects our profiles won’t look attractive. Could you please push for an increase in buyers in the most popular fields? Earnings of the first couple of hundred providers are low if I’m reading things right.

    I’m primarily a human answerphone [call handler] and word processor plus other secretarial support services but have had to diversify to get work. I don’t regret this as I’m thoroughly enjoying the work with a great client but it does mean that my other skills are under used and I have spare capacity

    There are also a lot of other providers of these services so perhaps you could do sales pitch to get more buyers of secretarial services? Note how many providers bid for audio typing projects for instance. Thanks for listening.

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