Reconciling Quality Vs. Volume: a classic trade-off

October 1, 2007

A few weeks ago we introduced a mandatory posting fee on the site. This improved the quality of the projects of the site albeit at the trade-off of slightly lesser volume. We have now introduced an option given to the buyer (and visible to the Bidder) that we think reconciles the two:

1. Standard Listing – FREE

        Projects will be screened for approval by our team before going live.
        Buyers can contact bidding Providers via the Private Messaging Board only (ie no access to contact details)  
        Customer Care Support access is via email only  

2. Priority Listing – £4.95 posting fee

        Project will be posted immediately.
        Identified as a “Priority Project” for better visibility and response from Providers.
        Contact details of bidding Providers made available for direct communication.
        Customer Care Support access is via Phone or Email.
        £4.95 one –off fee

With the above, quality and volume are no longer mutually exclusive. And like with everything else we do, we put the decision in the hands of our users. Buyer now have a choice of which way to go and equally Providers can see that choice and factor it in their bidding.  

Look forward to your comments / feedback ! 

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