Paypal Payments introduced

September 18, 2007

Earlier today, we have introduced yet another feature from our (long) to-do list; Paypal payments.

As of today, Buyers are able to pay online using Paypal, in addition to the secure online credit card payment service we have been offering so far. Buyers will be able to use Paypal to pay for posting a project, as well as for depositing funds to their account (to be used for paying providers for work done).

We hope we find this a useful addition to the site.


2 Responses to “Paypal Payments introduced”

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  2. Simos Says:

    Just to add/clarify on Andy’s blog post in case my previous posting was not 100% clear; there were no extra fees introduced yesterday on our site.

    Yesterday, we introduced Paypal as an additional payment method on the site since it is the preferred method of payment for some buyers i.e. in addition to the secure online credit card payments we have been offering so far.

    Also in the pipeline, is to introduce/offer a 3rd way of payment processing on the site, namely Google Checkout.

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