our event last night

September 12, 2007

Thanks to all for coming our event last nigh – the turnout was FANTASTIC with an estimated 200+ people turning up during the course of the evening and a lot of people staying until closing time!It was really refreshing to talk to some of our Buyers and Providers in person and get their thoughts and feedback. 

For those of you who don’t know: the event – which will be a regular monthly event – is organised by internet startup Group “Geektails”, and sponsored by Peopeperhour.com  Last night, the event was co-sponsored by “the Future if Web Apps” so a special thank you to Ryan Carson.   Going forward: we will hold one event a month, on the first Tuesday of every month, in conjunction with “Geektails”.

Aside of getting a number of entrepreneurs in a room (or a pub rather) the idea is to give us a chance to meet and talk with YOU and hear your thoughts and feedback. So do drop by!  Details of the venue will be announced closer to the time (you can also look up “Geektails” on Facebook Groups) See you soon!  

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