Paypal Payments introduced

September 18, 2007

Earlier today, we have introduced yet another feature from our (long) to-do list; Paypal payments.

As of today, Buyers are able to pay online using Paypal, in addition to the secure online credit card payment service we have been offering so far. Buyers will be able to use Paypal to pay for posting a project, as well as for depositing funds to their account (to be used for paying providers for work done).

We hope we find this a useful addition to the site.


Details for the October Geektails meetup:


Tuesday, October 2, 2007


6:30pm – 10:00pm


Pitcher and Piano Trafalgar (Upstairs Area)


40-42 William IV St, WC2N 4DD



We look forward to seeing you there.

To let us know you’re coming, please email us at geektails[at]peopleperhour[dot]com.

our event last night

September 12, 2007

Thanks to all for coming our event last nigh – the turnout was FANTASTIC with an estimated 200+ people turning up during the course of the evening and a lot of people staying until closing time!It was really refreshing to talk to some of our Buyers and Providers in person and get their thoughts and feedback. 

For those of you who don’t know: the event – which will be a regular monthly event – is organised by internet startup Group “Geektails”, and sponsored by  Last night, the event was co-sponsored by “the Future if Web Apps” so a special thank you to Ryan Carson.   Going forward: we will hold one event a month, on the first Tuesday of every month, in conjunction with “Geektails”.

Aside of getting a number of entrepreneurs in a room (or a pub rather) the idea is to give us a chance to meet and talk with YOU and hear your thoughts and feedback. So do drop by!  Details of the venue will be announced closer to the time (you can also look up “Geektails” on Facebook Groups) See you soon!  

New: Online Billing System

September 6, 2007

This week we have introduced an online billing system that enables Providers to invoice Buyers directly for work done rather than go through us.  The system is fully automated and works from your login section online, giving you full transparency of your transactions and balances.  For Buyers

  1.  Receive invoices from Providers directly for work done and signed off by you
  2. Print off VAT invoices or receipt of payments for your accounts records
  3. Monitor your account balance and top-up your accounting online
  4. Release funds to pay for invoices raised by a Provider, or raise a dispute in which case we will act as mediators to resolve it  

For Providers

  1. Raise  invoices in standardized format (customized to you) at the click of a button, and send them online to the Buyer b
  2. Monitor the Buyer’s account balance, ensuring they are always in credit before you start working on a job. And if they’re not, you can send themn top-up reminders online at the click of a button. That way your labour is 100% guaranteed.
  3. No more chasing up payment and wasting time in financial controlling: Buyers release funds to pay for an invoice you raised at the click of a button.
  4. Build a track record of “business billed” through the site that will enable you to win more bids and get more business in the future.

The system has been designed and built with a view to making your life easier, letting you focus on getting the job done rather than dealing with billing and paperwork.  

At the same time the system offers both parties transparency and thus full protection for their money and effort. So please, do use it!