As you will probably know from the newsletter we sent out to you, we are (finally) holding a little celebration for our launch, on Tuesday 11th September, 6pm onwards, at the Pitcher and Piano Trafalgar, 40-42 William IV St, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 4DD, UK. You are ALL invited. We appreciate that many of you are based outside London or even the UK so you may not be able to attend.  For those, well, you will have to wait until we go global and launch in your local area! The event will be held in conjunction with internet startup group “geektails london” – a weekly meet-up group based around the theme of web entrepreneurships. So for those of you attending, it will be a good chance not only to meet us but also to listen to and discuss your entrepreneurial ideas with people who are active in the space. We look forward to seeing you there ! Don’t forget to RSVP


As of today we have introduced a £4.95 posting fee chargeable to Buyers online when posting a project. The reasons for this are the following

  1. to ensure that all projects posted are genuine and are taken seriously (no spamming)
  2. to enable us to enhance our service offering: all Buyers posting a project will be contacted by our customer service team to assist them in their search and guide them through the use of our site  
  3. to enhance quality control: winning bids will be reference checked (where applicable) by us, to give further confidence to our Buyers that they will be get a quality and reliable service
  4. to give out contact details to Buyers: as of now, with every bid placed Buyers will have access to the Provider’s contact details if they wish to get directly in touch. However, if work is settled offline then this will not be reflected in your track record on the system: the more work you do through the system, the more track record you build (plus ratings and feedback), enabling you to secure more business in the future, plus receiving our “Payment Protection Guarantee” – so it’s in your best interest to use the system.  

As part of the fee, has introduced a “Bids Guarantee Scheme” whereby we guarantee at least one bid per project posted to the Buyer, otherwise they are entitled to a full refund. So start budding!

With these measures in place, we are enhancing the value we bring both to our Buyers and Providers. We help you find them useful.  If you have any comments or suggestions, as always we are here to listen to them.

Quick note to all our Providers: our rating and feedback system is now live, so for your benefit you should ask the Buyers for whom you have done / are doing projects to log in and rate you. This will improve your chances of winning business in the future and help you start building a track record through the site.

You would have noticed that in the last few weeks, we have provided the functionality for both Buyers and Providers to leave feedback for each other, hence enabling everyone to build a track record over time.

Feedback can be entered only for bids that have been accepted; it can then be entered at any time after the bid is accepted by the buyer, but we strongly recommend to enter feedback at the end of the project, or at least once adequate work has been done to be able to judge fairly the quality of the work delivered.

We strongly recommend that you proactively seek feedback from the buyer/provider you have been working with, so that you strengthen your online profile; this will ultimately lead to more trust and more business!