People per Hour scope expanded

July 18, 2007

As most will have noticed, there have been a number of changes on our site recently. Amongst these is the addition of new ‘Categories’ to reflect the broader scope of demand from Buyers.

The most recent example has been the newly added ‘Property’ category, covering anything from building and plumbing to mortgage advice and conveyancing.

In light of these changes, we strongly recommend to all Providers to review the categories/subcategories that their profile is featured in by updating their profile (by logging in People per Hour and clicking on ‘Edit my Categories/Subcategories’).

As mentioned previously, another new feature is the addition of a portfolio for all Providers that can be used to upload examples of your work (e.g. previous logo designs, photos of building work done, presentations that have been produced).

The portfolio was requested by both Buyers and Providers and we are hoping that you will find this new feature very useful. We are delighted to see that some Providers have already started uploading their work to their profiles (this can be done via the My Portfolio section in the Provider log in area) and we hope that this will continue.

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