‘PA per Hour’ expanded to ‘People per Hour’

June 25, 2007

Dear All,

Following the success of ‘PA per Hour’, we have as of today, expanded our marketplace to include a broader scope of Freelancers under the umbrella of ‘People per Hour’

Over the past eight weeks we have received numerous emails from different  freelancers all over the UK and outside, saying that they want to be part of our platform but their skills fall outside the scope of PA and administrative work. Some of them have even gone ahead and registered despite that. Eventually, we decided to change our name and increase the breadth of services that Freelancers can register under to accommodate that demand.  

We see as a positive change and step-up both for our Providers and our Buyers. Buyers will now be able to come to our website and find skilled providers for a whole breadth of services and not just PA work. This will encourage them to come back to us more regularly, for more and different projects, therefore ultimately giving YOU more business.

We hope that you will embrace this transition and see it as a sign of progress, in the same way that we do. Equally, we hope that you will take this opportunity to refer the site to other colleagues in other, complementary fields of expertise – be it Accounting, IT, Marketing, PR, Legal or whatever else – who can complement your skill-sets and win business from the site.

As we’ve said in the past – our marketplace is all about it’s People:  ‘by the People and for the People’ it serves. Now it’s even in our name!

The People per Hour Team  


3 Responses to “‘PA per Hour’ expanded to ‘People per Hour’”

  1. Adrienne Roe Says:

    Just to add to my last, didn’t I read somewhere that priority is given to providers with photos, yet I see people with blanks or a globe, picture of a house etc the first time I looked this morning at the reeling up providers?

  2. Adrienne Roe Says:

    Looks like my first comment wasn’t submitted, apologies. I wrote that I am sorry, after the effort to get onto the site, to see fewer audio/WP projects now the site is People per Hour but glad if it makes for a more attractive sight for buyers. How can we help get more work for VAs?

  3. xenios Says:


    We changed the prioritisation system, so now the Providers ranked at the top are the most active ie the ones who place the most bids

    Regarding helping get more work: we are doing a few things now to allow providers to engage with Buyers even more, butr other than that, you can referr the site to people you know and encourage them to post jobs. The mroe traffic we get the more relevant jobs there will eventually be – which is why we exytended ‘PA’ to ‘People’

    best regards

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