Feedback on Accepted Bids

June 21, 2007

Dear providers,

A lot of you have commented in the past few weeks that you would have liked to get feedback on the winning bids once a bid is accepted.  We have considered this a fair comment. We have now added this feature which is already live. You can see details of the winning bid if you click on a project that has been “accepted”, on the right-hand column.

 We are also adding Buyer’s comments on why they have selected the specifc bid, but of course it is upto them to disclose as much or as little information on this as they choose to.

 We hope you find this useful.

The PA per Hour team.  


One Response to “Feedback on Accepted Bids”

  1. Adrienne Roe Says:

    After much effort getting on this site, sad to see so few audio/secretarial jobs advertised but plenty of other types. Good as makes for a lively site but not so good for we VAs looking for work. Anything we can do to help?

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