From the Horse’s mouth

June 6, 2007

Thank you all for sending you comments and feedback. It’s really inspiring to see how much excitement we’ve created…hard to believe even!! we created this Blog tp address your key questions and keep you informed on what’s happening, what we’re doing next, what are the latest comments we received from you, and whatever else you want us to comment on. This Blog has been created for YOU – so please use it. Tell us what you think, voice your opinion and share your thoughts with the rest of our community. That is the whole point!

These are some of the latest comments we received from you so far (only first name included to protect people’s identities but to remind them of who they are! And a whole bunch more that we could not include here so please excuse us if you were left out (or simply send something NICER !) )

What a FABULOUS idea! Truly innovative and damn useful. I can’t tell you how many people ask me for referrals to people who can help them out with odd jobs/projects. Zoe

Darling [ … ], what a great idea… I’ve forwarded on to all my contacts!” Gloria “I’m really impressed with this concept and way of getting buyers and suppliers together” Vicky

Like most good ideas, it’s so obvious” Richard

Your PA thing looks great. Exactly what we need! ” Lara

…AND, some Frequently Asked Questions

“How about feedback ratings!”

ANS: Yes, Coming Soon…

How can I ask the Buyer a question before bidding”

ANS: You can ask a question within the bid. Best thing is if you simply submit your bid (even if it’s your hourly rate) and state the assumptions / criteria there alongside it.  Empty Bids will not really carry weight. Soon we are adding the facility for you to ask questions publicly alonside any project listsings to assist you in formulating your bid.  

“Are you like an agent or recruiter?”

ANS: No. To start with we do not charge ‘arrangement’ fees or recruiter fees. But more fundamentally, we do not interfere with the introductions made at all, It is upto Providers to Bid for projects they like and up to buyers to accept them if they like their Bid and profile. We do not try to ‘sell in’ a candidate or Provider like an agent does.

“What type of protection do you offer?”

ANS: We intermediate the payment so that both Buyers and Providers are secure i.e. Provider has no risk of not getting paid and Buyer knows that money is not paid until delivery is complete. If there is a dispute we follow a dispute resolution process.

 …AND, some VERY Frequently Asked Questions

I like this concept, how can I become a PA per Hour?”

ANS: You simply have to register online, post your  profile and start bidding for jobs you can do. If your profile and track record is not strong enough you will need to strengthen it by start buildinga track record.

“How did you think of this – Were you a PA before?”

ANS: NO.  

…AND some REALLY Frequently Asked Questions

“When are you doing the launch event?”  

ANS: July. Anyone who asks again is dis-invited J  


2 Responses to “From the Horse’s mouth”

  1. Deniese Dotse Says:

    On the subject of building a track record do you have any hints and tips on this? Is it just a matter of relating everything you’ve done workwise on your profile? how do we show this?

  2. xenios Says:


    For tips please refer to our Help secion above ‘tips on Bidding’. It will help you win bids and thus build a better track record. Also, depending on what your background is you may want to consider doing some basic training. We have a partnership with a specialist VA training company called CMA that can help you cover the fundamentals, It also helps if you add references in the corresponding section in your registration.
    Lastly, the best way to build a good track record is to just do a good job when you win a bid and as much as possible stick to the quoted spec.

    i hope this helps


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